What's involved in the 8 week course?

Plant Growth - New Life

The 8 week course is a combination of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction as developed by Jon Kabat- Zinn  and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy as developed by John Teasdale.

The courses are taught in groups of up to 12 people in a  friendly and supportive environment. 

Each week a new topic will be introduced. We usually spend about half of the session in a meditation and the remaining time  engaging in discussion or learning other Mindfulness or  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Techniques . These are all  designed to enhance awareness and application in day-day life. 

We also spend a full day practising together as way of deepening and enriching your use of mindfulness techniques. 


  • Week 1 - Waking up to  Automatic Pilot.
  • Week 2 - Living in our Heads.
  • Week 3 - Responding to Distractions. 
  • Week 4 - Staying Present
  • Week 5 - Acceptance and Letting Be
  • Week 6 - Mindfulness in Relationships and Thoughts are Not Facts
  • Week 7 - How can I Best care Take Care of Myself. 
  • Week 8 - Acceptance and Change