Mindfulness Practice is a wake up call to life

Mindfulness is a way of being which  allows you to make choices on how best to live your life. Mindfulness is something that we all have inherently within us and is strengthened by paying attention, in a particular way, on purpose, and non- judgementally to things as they are.  

In life we tend to be either practising mindfulness or practising mindlessness!  Common example of mindlessness include;

•    Going on a walk but having no memory of what you saw or heard along the way.
•    Eating when you’re not hungry or taking a few bites of a snack bar only to                     realise you have eaten the whole lot!
•    Forgetting someone’s name as soon as you have heard it.
•    Walking into the kitchen for something but forgetting what it was.

Mindlessness is often compared to being in a state of automatic pilot, we are not fully present. Living life this way we can  easily find ourselves getting caught up  in the past or worrying  about the future, we can miss out on life. 

Each moment we spend in a state of mindlessness is a moment unlived. Living in this way we can miss out on the richness of life, the fullness of life, what’s happening now. 

Practising mindfulness helps us develop ways of becoming more in touch with the present moment as it unfolds.  We train ourselves to practice being here, in the environment, body, heart and mind. From this place we are in a much better position to develop greater  wisdom,  kindness and equanimity  allowing us to choose how best to live our lives. 

Mindfulness isn’t a miracle cure, it will not eliminate all of life’s pressures but it can support you to make choices,
allowing you to live with greater intensity, fulfilment peacefulness and ease.