The course has changed my outlook and helped me to take better care of myself and others.
I have learnt how I can self sabotage and gained insights into the roots of my anxiety.
I have learnt how to be more focussed in the now which has enriched my being and helped me feel more alive.
I found the practices very quickly cleared my cluttered mind and gave me periods of calm that I was not expecting.

I have a clearer mind, I have strength in myself, I have learnt to take care of myself of myself.  

I have a more balance perspective of why I think and do and the ability to step aside old thought patterns.

I found this course to be really supportive and of great help. I wasn't sure what to expect and I could not have predicted how much I have gained.

I have been ill since 2004 - this is the best treatment I have received, I cannot thank you enough.
I have learnt some very simple but powerful ways to improve my work life, I wasn’t expecting the effects to be so transformational. My home life is better too, it seems these techniques ripple out in ways I could not have imagined. Deep thanks.
Funny all of these years I thought it was just me, now I can see I am not alone, just human, I can stop giving myself a hard time and have more energy to live!
This course has been so valuable to me, a great tool in improving my mental health, the support of the group has been surprisingly beneficial, a sense of not being alone, Emma’s support has been wonderful.
An extremely positive and rewarding experience, I have no doubt that this course had had a significantly positive effect on all participants.
This course has been transformational, it has made my life just wonderful.
I initially found peace from the course, then strength from the group, that my thoughts are not facts, I am not alone and I am worthwhile. I have learnt awareness and self control- I have taken the power back.
I know that I need to take time for myself and that this is not self-indulgent, no more than having fitness or a dietary routine. It is not a cure but a valuable tool that needs to be attended to daily to retain its value and use.
I have been introduced to a simple effective method of feeling human again, I cannot begin to explain the impact this has had on me, I feel positive about the future.
It has given me a new outlook and approach to my own feelings and thoughts, it has taught me to be kind to myself. I know this is a continuing journey, and feel good about that. I feel positive and in control.