Mindfulness for parents & young people

There is a growing interest in the integration of mindfulness and parenting. We know from the research and also from direct participant feedback from our programmes  that mindfulness has potential tohelp parents in a number of ways. Parents have said our training helps them to 

  • Respond less reactively to parenting stress 
  • Take better care of themselves
  • Develop more empathy and compassion for themselves and their children
  • Tolerate difficult emotions in themselves.
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Increase awareness of the present moment allowing parents to be more fully there for the  joys of parenting and life itself.

Parents completing our course have shown improvements in overall levels of self compassion and mindfulness. Research shows that these  qualities in parents also seem to be promoted in their children of parents , which may help  children to self-regulate difficult emotions and generally be kinder and gentler to themselves in difficult times.   



Emma  co- teaches  a programme with the  Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service in Exeter examining the effectiveness of Mindfulness Based Approaches for young people with depression and anxiety and their parents/carers http://www.virgincare.co.uk/devon-leads-way-mindfulness-course-depression/

Emma is also piloting an exciting 1 year project, Adopting Mindfuness, Mindfulness Courses for Parents who had Adopted. This has been part funded by the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. http://oxfordmindfulness.org/business-homepage/about/charitable-activities/

Emma is a also qualified to teach the .b programme   for Children and Young People. .b is an 10-week course for young people aged 10-18, delivered in the classroom or in small groups.  It has primarily been designed for use in the classroom with what we would call ‘conscript’ audiences for 10 - 18 year old's, although it can also be used equally effectively in other settings. For the latest research and more information on Mindfulness for Young People please see  https://mindfulnessinschools.org/

To speak to Emma directly   please get in touch.