Having worked as a clinician in the N.H.S I am particularly interested in the utility of MBA’s to support those within the helping/caring professions..  

We offer course to N.H.S staff. Our courses have been shown to give  staff more insight into their emotions and have shown positive effect self-reported measures of  stress, anxiety, depression and on issues such as insomnia, concentration  and chronic pain. Our courses shows positive improvements in levels of mindfulness and self-compassion.

There is extensive literature indicating that clinician stress and burnout can negatively affect patient care. It has been proposed that enhanced  levels of self-compassion and mindfulness may support staff to be  present and attuned with themselves . Research shows that MBA’s may support clinicians to enhance the quality of therapeutic relationships and increase patient satisfaction and treatment outcomes

As a doctor you are immensely pressurised for time  attending the course has helped me to find moments of space, clarity and peace in my day. It has been such a gift. The results are palpable'.



Mindfulness and Wellbeing

 If you would like to discuss introducing mindfulness to your workplace please contact me to discuss your requirements.


Mindfulness Training can reduce physician burnout. 

Mindfulness Training can increase grey matter concentration. 

 Promoting Mindfulness in Psychotherapists in training influences the treatment results of their patients


The mindfulness training is a great tool, it helps me to stay more balanced during difficult times.  Allowed me to switch off from work and difficulties more quickly than I would have otherwise.  You do not need to be stressed to benefit – the skills you learn help with all areas of life’. Surgeon