Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Having worked as a clinician in the NHS Emma  is particularly interested in the utility of MBA’s to support those within the helping/caring professions to reduce stress, burnout and improve well-being  in themselves  and those  they support.

There is extensive literature indicating that clinician stress and burnout can negatively affect patient care. Research shows that MBA’s may support clinicians to enhance  the quality of therapeutic relationships and increase patient satisfaction and  treatment outcomes.

It has been proposed that these outcomes may be attributed to an enhanced  capacity in those who meditate to be  present and attuned with themselves  and others with the qualities of empathy,  kindness and self compassion.

A therapist has to practice being fully present and  cultivate the energy of compassion in order to be helpful to themselves and others- Thich Nhat Hanh (2002) 


 If you would like to discuss introducing mindfulness to your workplace please contact me to discuss your requirements.


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