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Mindfulness for N.H.S. Staff : 8 Week Course

Royal United Hospital
Education Centre

Time: 5.15-7.15 pm

(Please note there is no session on 23rd October during half term). 

About the course :This course is suitable for anyone who is interested in learning new ways to enhance well-being, boost happiness, improve resilience and reduce stress. Other benefits reported by course participants include. 

  • Improved focus, concentration and performance
  • Improved ability to manage stressors
  • Heightened appreciation , satisfaction and enjoyment in life 
  • Improved sleep quality and physical health. 
  • Improved relationships 
  • Better ability to treat self with kindness and care. 

The course has been part-funded by the Royal United Hospital Innovation fund . It is open to N.H.S Royal United Hospital Staff only.

Course Format

  • 8 Weekly 2 hour sessionS with training in various formal and informal mindfulness practice. Sessions include discussion and exploration of key themes such as managing change, acceptance, kindness, and working with stress and challenge. An overview of the latest research is included. 
  • Reading - You are invited to read weekly course handouts
  • Home Practice - Approximately 20 minutes mindfulness exercises per day, guided by a CD which accompanies the course
  • Trainer support is available in between sessions if requested
  • On-going booster sessions are offered throughout the year/