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Mindfulness for N.H.S. Staff : 8 Week Course

Royal United Hospital
Education Centre

Time: 5.15-7.15 pm

(Please note there is no session on 23rd October during half term). 

About the course :This course is suitable for anyone who is interested in learning new ways to enhance well-being, boost happiness, improve resilience and reduce stress. Other benefits reported by course participants include. 

  • Improved focus, concentration and performance
  • Improved ability to manage stressors
  • Heightened appreciation , satisfaction and enjoyment in life 
  • Improved sleep quality and physical health. 
  • Improved relationships 
  • Better ability to treat self with kindness and care. 

The course has been part-funded by the Royal United Hospital Innovation fund . It is open to N.H.S Royal United Hospital Staff only.

Course Format

  • 8 Weekly 2 hour sessionS with training in various formal and informal mindfulness practice. Sessions include discussion and exploration of key themes such as managing change, acceptance, kindness, and working with stress and challenge. An overview of the latest research is included. 
  • Reading - You are invited to read weekly course handouts
  • Home Practice - Approximately 20 minutes mindfulness exercises per day, guided by a CD which accompanies the course
  • Trainer support is available in between sessions if requested
  • On-going booster sessions are offered throughout the year/ 


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9:30am 9:30am

Top Up Session (suitable for anyone with an established mindful practice)

Dunkerton Village Hall, 

Plenty of parking and easily accessed from Bath and surrounding areas.

This practice day would appeal to anyone who has completed an 8 week Mindfulness and anyone with an established mindfulness practice. 

What to expect: Guided Mindful Practice similar to that learnt on a standard 8-week Mindfulness Based Therapy/Stress Reduction course. The majority of the day will be spent in silence.  We have time for walking in the countryside outside and regular intervals for tea and refreshments. 

Arrival: 9.00 for tea,  9.30 start. We will have a selection of teas and coffee but if you have a favourite drink bring this along! We will finish at 2pm.

Lunch: We invite you to bring a shared vegetarian lunch or individual packed lunch.  

What else to bring- Bring along your mat, a cushion and anything else you usually use to practice with. You may also like to bring a blanket.

What to wear- Wear something that will be both comfortable and suit your own thermostat. Layers are a good idea!

Booking and costs: £25.00 (50% of the profits from this day will be donated between two selected charities, Dorothy House and Gaia House).

 Email me to book a place.


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Day long Introduction to Mindfulness

Dunkerton Village Hall
Hollow Lane

A relaxed  and accessible day- long introduction to this subject, including some theory and plenty of opportunity to try out some practical exercises. This will include some meditation, gentle movement and awareness of sensations, emotions and thoughts.

We will also provide tips on building your own personal mindfulness practice and incorporating into your daily life. 

Please bring a packed lunch, hot drinks and snacks provided.
(suitable for newcomers and those seeking a refresher)

Cost: £45.00 - email me to book a place


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to Jul 13

General Public Course: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

The Somer Centre
Gullock Tyning
Midsomer Norton

Time: 10am-12pm

About the course: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an 8 week course developed by Jon Kabat Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre. MBSR  courses help participants to gain a greater awareness of themselves (thoughts, moods, emotions and bodily sensations)  particularly during times of stress, so that they can develop ways of responding that feel helpful.

The course includes:

  • A pre-course call to check the course will be helpful.
  • 8 Weekly- 2 hours sessions, with training in various formal and informal mindfulness practice. Sessions include discussion and exploration of key themes such as developing present-moment awareness, acceptance, kindness, and working with stress and challenge. An overview of the latest research and findings in neuroscience are included. 
  • Home Practice - The course includes a C.D of all the mindfulness practices to practice at home. You are invited to read weekly handouts to support your understanding of the sessions. 
  • Links to post course practice days and follow up sessions.
  • Where possible it is best for participants to attend all 8 sessions. 


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to Jun 20

Mindfulness Training for Adoptive Parents. Tasters: 14th & 21st March. 8 Week Course (25th April-20th June)

The Centre,  162 Pennywell Road, Easton, Bristol, BS5 OTX

Please note this course has been part funded by the Oxford Mindfulness Accessibility Fund. 

Cost: £80.00


8 Week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Course for Adoptive Parents.

This 8 week course is for adoptive parents.  You will be introduced to news ways of managing stress, regulating emotions and developing resilience. The course will support parents to be more present, with kindness and compassion for themselves and their children.

The course is likened to a ladder, with each session building on the previous one.

Participants will be invited to practice what they have learnt in between sessions. 

To find out more get in touch and/or attend a free taster/information session:

  • Tuesday 14th March (11am-1pm)
  • Tuesday 21st March (11am-1pm)






The course includes: 

  • 8 (2 hour sessions)
  • Workbook and C.D
  • Guided instructions of various mindfulness meditation practices taught in an entirely secular way.
  • Group learning 
  • Inquiry exercises to enhance awareness in everyday life

Wherever possible, it is advisable that participants attend all 8 sessions. 

The course is taught by two Mindfulness Teachers, Emma Thom and Jacky Slade.  

Participants may attend either individually or as a couple. 


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